SAYNATAKUNA. Máscaras y Transfiguraciones en Paukartambo

June 5, 2017 | Autor: C. Llerena Aguirre | Categoría: Ethnomusicology, Ethnographic Film, Documentary Film
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Saynatakuna, Masks and Transfigurations in Paukartambo68 mnEthnographic filmSaynatakuna is an ethnographic film. It tells the story of the mask makers and dancers during the festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paukartambo. Cuzco. The dancers reinterpret their history and socio-political forces that drive them to perform their rituals of magic and resistance.The 18 dance troupes reenact and satirize the different ethnic groups that passed through Paukartambo since the beginning of time. They connect and tell a story of the past, the present, and the future wearing hand-made colorful masks and intricate beaded costumes. Paukartambo, is about 110 kilometers from Cuzco, a gateway to the Manu rainforest biosphere in the Amazon jungle. Since pre-Colombian times it has been the passage between Cuzco and Kosñipata for bartering coca leaves between the Inkas and the Ch’unchus (Jungle natives). The Paukartambo province is 3800 meters above the sea level. Not many visitors or tourists ever get there- “Saynatakuna, Masks and Transfigurations in Paukartambo” represents a story never told before. With amazing views, color, art, history, dances and traditions.This documentary tells a story of a remote town and their generations of mask makers. Never documented before, How are these magnificent masks and the intricate colorful beaded costumes made? Who makes them and the generations of artisans who train their own at the early age of 4 years old.? What are their stories and traditions kept for many years that drives them to prepare for the Festival of Paukartambo every year? This documental contains an interview of Peruvian master mask maker, Santiago Rojas (1917-2012) who passed away since the last interview for this documental in August of 2012.
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