Gina Rodriquez\'s “Torch Your Bra” Tee Is So Cute

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Gina Rodriquez's “Torch Your Bra” Tee Is So Cute

Tons of celebrities have taken to the streets in different cities to show their support for equal rights. Gina Rodriquez happens to be participating in the Women’s March in Los Angeles, according to her Twitter account, and her outfit choice couldn’t be more fitting for the occasion. Can you buy Gina Rodriguez’s “Torch Your Bra” tee? Yes, indeed you can, my friends!

Whether she’s shaving half of her hair off or sporting a shirt that promotes burning your undergarments, Rodriguez is all about embracing the person you are, free of constraints. And since many badass women and people of all gender identities, respond well to that message, it’s easy to take style cues from someone like Rodriguez. So, thinking about getting your hands on one of those “Torch Your Bra” t-shirts? Well, that’s a no-brainer.

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You can find similar styles to the t-shirt from the brand Dimepiece LA, but it you’re looking for the exact same baby blue color Rodriguez wore, look no further than Amazon. It's difficult to know exactly where the actress purchased hers from, but there’s one that’s awfully similar and available right now for just $17.95. Check out the top on Rodriguez below if you want some style inspo.
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