Vocabulario para el IELTS: Graph Description

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Vocabulario para IELTS – IELTS Vocabulary Vocabulario para describir cambios en inglés (IELTS Graph Description) IELTS: THE LANGUAGE OF CHANGE X rose / grew/ increased from ..(lower number) to .. (higher number) Y fell/dropped/decreased/declined from.. (higher number) to.. (lower number) There was a/an increase/rise/growth in X There was a decrease/fall/drop/decline in Y X peaked at / hit a peak /reached a high/ reached a peak of .. Y levelled off at.. Y dropped/increased followed by a period of stability Z was erratic/ fluctuated between .. X remained stable / remained constant / stabilized at .. X rose steadily to reach … in 2008 gradually sharply dramatically There was a gradual fall to … in 2008 steady * sharp * dramatic rising/ soaring / falling/ plummeting prices .. X had doubled / halved by 2009 this trend continued / was reversed in …. Nouns: There was a drop/ a plunge/ an increase/ stabilization / fluctuation / a decline / a rise / a dip/ a fall /a climb /a peak/ a surge in the number of X during ….

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