“¿Una transformación metodológica inadvertida? La novedad introducida por Gaudium et spes en los escritos de Joseph Ratzinger”, Teología y Vida 57 (2016) 9-37.

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Abstract: In relation to the methodological innovation  introduced by Gaudium et Spes, Joseph Ratzinger’s theological works fluctuate between a significant lack of awareness and a predominantly negative attitude. This article has three parts. First, it highlights the author’s position on the Constitutionfrom a general perspective. Ratzinger points to important weaknesses in its contents. The second phase represents the core of this contribution, which refers to the methodological debate, particularly regarding its structure and its relation to the scope of the “new way of doing theology” (Y. Congar).Some final reflections resume the path and, most importantly, lead to propose a response to the formulated hypothesis
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