Trust and Resilience in Entrepreneurial Perspective:  Empirical Findings From the Developments in  Entrepreneurs’ Stories

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This paper discusses trust and resilience in integrative perspective.  They are looked as intangible resources for organizations. Trust and resilience are studied empirically within entrepreneurial context. The aim is to increase understanding of trust and resilience in entrepreneurial activity. The qualitative narrative and interview data is based on entrepreneurs’ stories in care business. Trust and resilience are scarcely discussed integrated and from the intellectual resource perspective. Entrepreneurship is traditionally looked from the perspective of financial capital and associated risk. Trust is largely discussed as an antecedent or outcome of behavior for collaboration capability and resilience is seen as the ability of an organization for overcoming unexpected environmental changes. However, it is still largely unknown how trust and resilience are perceived among entrepreneurs and how the two are possibly related which is our interest and question in the empirical study. The findings reveal the connection between trust and resilience showing the elements in entrepreneurial process that lead to resilience generation and a courage to trust in own competencies. Findings will be discussed in more details and implications made for entrepreneurs and managers.
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