Top Dip Powder for 2021

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Top Dip Powder for 2021

Dip powders are applied in a multi-step process beginning with the application of an adhesive to the nail, followed by dipping into a chosen color powder, and then finished with a sealing polish. The dip powder process is somewhat involved, but preferable to gel polish for a few reasons. First and foremost, the process doesn’t require the use of potentially harmful UV lamps. Dip powder lasts at least 2 weeks maintaining a full shine, but depending on the manufacturer and situation, users report it can last up to four weeks, longer than the typically recommended gel polish lifespan. The colors are richer and more vibrant with a dip powder manicure because the color is applied in the powder, not in the polish. Depending on which product you’re using, dip powder manicures can even improve, or at least maintain, the health of your nails.

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