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November 29, 2017 | Autor: Regine Zulita | Categoría: Media Studies, Media
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This is what you’re going to before you can broadcast...

turning your rundown into a script

radio script format

Station ID Basic information about the program



BIZ (“business”) statements are in all caps and underlined

Line numbers to aid recording

Indicates if anything else will follow; can be “END”

Also in caps are the character labels

The overhang makes it easier for the talents to see where their lines start and end

Program title separated by three dots or slashes, then the page number typed thrice

Start at #1 every new page

Always finish a sentence in the same page.

Also in caps are all line delivery directions. REMEMBER: everything that will not be announced should be in caps.

Don’t forget to include or mention the following every so often: – Time checks – Station ID – Program theme/description (whatever it is that you’re featuring) – Your names


radio segment treatments

• tidbits of interesting, relatively fresh/novel information • useful to people’s everyday lives or people can relate to it • usually 1 minute long • usually, straight-announced

• a timely account of events, facts and opinions that is interesting to a large number of people and is capable of being understood by them • usually 1 minute long

REMEMBER THAT: • An event, fact or opinion becomes news when it is related to the lives of the people. • Its importance depends on the number of people affected by it and the length of its effect on the people.

timeliness/ immediacy news is a perishable commodity

prominence names make news

proximity people like to read about things happening near them

sports, elections, debates in Congress, showbiz break-ups, etc…


disasters & progress

consequence/impact/ significance

human interest features…pets, adventure, success stories, people overcoming sickness, people stricken by rare diseases, romance…

unusualness/ oddity

• • • •

a short documentary in-depth discussion various sources usually 5 to 7 minutes long

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