“Retórica y religión en una poética hispanolatina de finales del Quinientos”, I Encuentro interdisciplinar sobre Retórica, texto y comunicación. Ed. A. Ruiz Castellanos (Cádiz: Universidad, 1994), 2, 180-184.

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While writing the second part (De optimo genere poematis) of his Liber de arte poetica (Salamanca, 193), the Jesuit Bartholomaeus Bravo used a work by George Sabinus (Libellus de carminibus ad veterum imitationem artificiose componendis , Leipzig, 1551). Of course he did not mention the name of this son in law of Philip Melanchthon, and he even omitted the names of Erasmus and Luis Vives, and replaced some poems with other against Protestantism. This illustrates that the same work could serve both Catholics and Protestants to the same didactic purpose, an also to defend their particular beliefs.
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