Radio War on Nicaragua Intermedia

May 27, 2017 | Autor: H. Frederick S. | Categoría: Nicaragua, International Radio Broadcasting, CIA, Radio Broadcasting, Low intensity Conflict
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This study was made possible by a grant from the Ohio University Research Council. With the assistance of the Nicaraguan Confederation of Professionals and Coradep, the author was able to monitor the source, content and signal strength of foreign radio broadcasts in central Nicaragua and along the northern border with Honduras in July 1985. Recordings and transcripts were made of radio programmes penetrating the country from a variety of regional AM, FM and shortwave stations. Data compiled by Coradep in November 1984 on penetration of foreign AM and FM radio were verified and corrected. Transcripts of the broadcast monitoring service operated by the US Central Intelligence Agency were examined for the period January to June 1985. Other sources corroborated these data.
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