PALACIOS MÉNDEZ, Laura María, El Arco de Sebastián Ramírez de Fuenleal, una obra de Étienne Jamet (1546-1550), Diputación de Cuenca, Cuenca, 2015.

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Around the 1485 was born in Villaescusa de Haro Sebastián Ramírez de Fuenleal (c. 1485-1547), in a family which has dedicated all its best men in the progress of the Kingdom of Castilla. Sebastián Ramírez will life to see the transformation of this Kingdom in an Empire under the government of Carlos V, and to be one of the most trustworthy men of the emperor. After being the responsible of the civil an ecclesiastic government in Santo Domingo (1528-1531) and the president of the Real Audiencia de Nueva España in Tenochtitlán (1531-1535) before the existence of the Viceroyalty; he returned to Spain to be the president of the Real Audiencia de Granada (1536-1539), after of the one in Valladolid (1539-1542) and also the president of the commission responsible to create the laws of the spanish territories in America (1542); at last at the same time he was the bishop of Tuy (1537-1539), León (1539-1542) and Cuenca (1542-1547).     In this city he decided in the end of 1544 to begin the construction of a new cloister in the cathedral which was almost in ruins, and -after the repeated refusal of the Cathedral Chapter- decided to support at least the building of its hallway. To design and to make it, he chose a singular french man who had been working with the best artists in the Iberian Peninsula since 1535 and for men as important as Francisco de los Cobos: Étienne Jamet (c. 1515-1546) known as Esteban Jamete. The union of these two special men made of the entrance to the cloister of the Cuenca cathedral an exceptional space where the art of Jamet –full of quality, diversity, elegance and pathos- was used to advertise the wishes of the Carlos’ V court to reach the universitas christiana, through a triumphal arc which memorializes the hoped catholic triumph; and inside, the hallway conceived as a meditation’s place for the Christian who is spur on to the virtue’s way of wisdom and fight against the vice to achieve the eternal life in Jesus Christ. Thereby they became the ruins of this space in a stair to God along the religious wars and the inner struggle of citizens, they made the Arco de Sebastián Ramírez de Fuenleal (1546-1550).Edition: Paula Velasco Grijalbo.Press: Diputación Provincial de Cuenca.ISBN: 978-84-16161-40-9.
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