Nuevas herramientas métricas para el estudio del patrimonio arquitectónico

May 17, 2017 | Autor: F. Roldán Medina | Categoría: Anthropometric Architecture
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The goal achieved by this research let to provide for the use of new tools and the needed know-how, in order to characterize the anthropometric units of measure which were used in Architecture in the Past. It is based on the premise that for the construction of such complex buildings, a reference measure and its rational scale of units are not sufficient, because another scale in the proportion of square root of two is also necessary. This is a value arithmetically immeasurable but very manageable geometrically, by using the diagonal of the square. The analysis of graphic representations of architecture and the direct confrontation of anthropometric patterns allow to establish the specific metric used in each work and its modular composition. It also enables the dating and interpretation of the anthropometric dimension of the Architectural heritage.
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