Ilex paraguariensis has antioxidant potential and attenuates haloperidol-induced orofacial dyskinesia and memory dysfunction in rats

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Neurotoxicily Research, 2007, VOL. 12(3). pp. 171-180

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Ilex paraguariensPs has Antioxidant Potential and Attenuates Haloperidol-induced Orofacial Dyskinesia and Memory Dysfunction in Rats GABRIELA COLPO a, FABIOLA TREVISOLa, ANGI~LICA M. TEIXEIRAa, ROSELEI FACHINETTOe, ROMAIANA P. PEREIRA e, MARGARETH LINDE ATHAYDEb, JOAO BATISTA TEIXEIRA ROCHA e and MARILISE E. BURGER a'* aDepartamento de Fisiologia e Farmacologia, Programa de p6s-graduagKo em farmacologia - Centro de Ci6ncias da Sa~de; Programa de pos-graduagao em Ci~ncias Farmac6uticas - Centro de Ci~ncias da Sa~de; Cprograma de p6s-gradua9~o em Bioqulmica toxicol6gica - Centro de Cidncias Naturais e Exatas, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, 97105-900, Santa Maria RS, Brazil. [email protected]

(Submitted 11 June 2007; Revised 16 August 2007; ln final form 20 August 2007)

Tardive dyskinesia 0ID) is a syndrome associated with administration of antipsychotics drugs and m a y be a consequence of a free radical increase. Ilex paraguariensis (IP), rich in polyphenols, is used to p r e p a r e a tea-like beverage, the " m a t e " , and has been investigated for its antioxidant action. Here, we examined the aqueous extract of I P on in vitro T B A R S production and in vivo study, using two behavioral models, /.e., haloperidol-induced orofacial dyskinesia (evaluated measuring vacuous chewing movements, VCMs) and m e m o r y dysfunction, evaluated in a watermaze task. In vitro, we examine different concentrations of I P against the basal, Fe(H) and sodiu m nitruproside-induced TBARS production in rat brain homogenate. I P extract was able to prevent the basal formation of T B A R S (ICs0 = 6.6 mg/ml) and TBARS induced by SNP (IC50 = 3.7 mg/ml) a n d Fe(II) (IC50 = 4.8 mg/ml). Haloperidol administration (12 mg/kg/week, im, x4 weeks) increased V C M s (p
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