August 12, 2017 | Autor: Julian Betancour | Categoría: N/A
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-Again with that bullshit ?
- saque pecho arg
-So cool
- Yes
- A truth , I am 30 years old , 28, 42
- A lie , heriberto sandoval is honest and right attorney, I thought lawyers were honest in Colombia
- The cat? the cat is very good for me
- Relax Lieutenant (20 perros chau chau) so this is chau chau
- Uhhh , Uhhh sir question that you answer it
- if you consume hallucinogens
- Uhhhh, no
-(perro taladrando) because the dog barking
- Saque pecho arg
- Uhhhh, no we're just Friends
-nothing ever happened between us , I was drunk that day
- But relax Lieutenant ( 20 erizos) because I'm bristling
- Uhhhhh, with a woman, a man, alone
-hmm, yes ,yes
- Not going to think it's his wife
- lies also not like each other, besides she did not enjoy
- Quiet my lieutenant, this son who she is waiting for you is yours

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